Extract day by day data from Google search analytics graph - A bookmarklet

Another quick tool spurred on by a tweet.

Here's a quick bookmarklet for downloading the search analytics day by day graph.

I spotted this tweet the other day in my feed:


Tweet embed fail....

Turns out I already had that script! I'd written it before I got comfortable with the search analytics API & just forgot about it.

But not everyone has the comfort level yet to jump into the API, so for those of you who don't:

Here's a bookmarklet to download the day by day data for the search analytics report.

How do you use this?

You drag the link into your bookmarks bar and then click it. Job done.

It will download the day by day data from the search analytics graph.

Download GSC analytics data.

One quick note: you'll need to refresh the page once you've set whatever filters you want to download the correct data. This is to do with how I'm pulling the data from the page. There probably is a cleverer way, but I wrote it awhile ago and it's good enough...


That's all folks.


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