This was annoying. The solution I talk through below is still not perfect.

A little background first. As a side project to better understand chrome extensions, I built this extension Traffic Light SEO.

As you navigate to a page, it shows a preview of title and meta description as it would appear on Google, and 3 traffic lights which will tell you if a page is indexable by Google.

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If you find yourself doing a lot of data analysis in Excel, moving to Jupyter notebooks and python is one of the best things you can do for your career. Why bother? When I started I didn’t see the value in it either. Why bother? I was quick in Excel. I knew all the shortcuts. I was fast and code was hard. But moving from Excel to Jupyter notebooks and python has a huge number of benefits, your work becomes:

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This post will show you to get setup with Python so you can use it in your day to day work.

Why learn Python? Sounds like an awful lot of work. Boy and it’s pretty late in the afternoon already.

That’s not this post. When I’ve written that post, I’ll come back revisit that.

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