Excel is wonderful. Excel is life. It has everything you could possibly ever want. How could you possibly improve on perfection? You couldn’t suggest anything to even slightly change my mind, I am completely…

Regex you say?

Dang, that would be pretty sweet.

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At this point I’ve now been managing accounts and clients for almost 4 years. I am no longer totally awful at it.

It’s a lot easier to value hard skills so they tend to get taught more, but the soft are just as useful. This post is about the soft.

Here are all the things I wish I’d been told when I started. (I might being uncharitable here, perhaps I was told them and didn’t pay attention.)

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This was annoying. The solution I talk through below is still not perfect.

A little background first. As a side project to better understand chrome extensions, I built this extension Traffic Light SEO.

As you navigate to a page, it shows a preview of title and meta description as it would appear on Google, and 3 traffic lights which will tell you if a page is indexable by Google.

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If you find yourself doing a lot of data analysis in Excel, moving to Jupyter notebooks and python is one of the best things you can do for your career. Why bother? When I started I didn’t see the value in it either. Why bother? I was quick in Excel. I knew all the shortcuts. I was fast and code was hard. But moving from Excel to Jupyter notebooks and python has a huge number of benefits, your work becomes:

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