All too often on this blog you’ll be minding your own business and…. BAM jupyter notebook. “I have no idea what those are Dom.” Have no fear. That’s what we’ll be looking at in this post. What is a jupyter notebook? Suppose you’ve written a neat piece of code. It takes all the URLs in a list and changes http:// to https://. It will save you loads of time.

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Another nice and basic tutorial for this blog. I imagine you’re here because I linked you from another tutorial, so you could install things and get on with some analysis. So let’s get on with it. What are you seeing? You’re probably seeing an error like this: You’ve tried to load a module (code someone else has written that we can use), but we haven’t installed it yet.

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Ok well maybe it’s not awful. I haven’t actually seen yours. But boy there are a lot of terrible tech audits out there and someone is writing them

I certainly was if we cut back 3 or 4 years ago. It’s not that my technical knowledge was bad, but rather that I was missing all the skills around the side, which made audits just… not very good.

Thankfully it’s not just me, pretty much everyone makes these mistakes when they start so let’s unpick some of them and move together towards better work.

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Excel is wonderful. Excel is life. It has everything you could possibly ever want. How could you possibly improve on perfection? You couldn’t suggest anything to even slightly change my mind, I am completely…

Regex you say?

Dang, that would be pretty sweet.

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At this point I’ve now been managing accounts and clients for almost 4 years. I am no longer totally awful at it.

It’s a lot easier to value hard skills so they tend to get taught more, but the soft are just as useful. This post is about the soft.

Here are all the things I wish I’d been told when I started. (I might being uncharitable here, perhaps I was told them and didn’t pay attention.)

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This was annoying. The solution I talk through below is still not perfect.

A little background first. As a side project to better understand chrome extensions, I built this extension Traffic Light SEO.

As you navigate to a page, it shows a preview of title and meta description as it would appear on Google, and 3 traffic lights which will tell you if a page is indexable by Google.

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