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These are all articles about SEO.

They range from beginners to advanced, but I am trying to make them more beginner friendly with footnotes.

SEO for large websites

How does SEO change on large websites? How do you work with mountains of data? How do you find problems when crawling is hard?

July 22, 202115 Min Read
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Video: How to group your keywords into pages

How do you assign keywords to pages? How do you decide which pages you should have and which keywords they should target? Do you need 3 pages for this topic or just one? Let's work through it.

July 02, 20202 Min Read
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A guide for B2B SEO

Let's talk about how to do B2B SEO really well. B2B and SEO have a bit of an uncomfortable relationship. The channel doesn't fit instinctively as well as for a listing site or an ecommerce site, but it can be super valuable. How?

September 04, 201917 Min Read
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How to make your awful technical SEO audit better

Most technical SEO audits, just aren't that good. They're notorious for being long badly prioritised lists (mine certainly were). Let's talk about how to do it better.

May 17, 201913 Min Read
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Why has your organic traffic dropped? - A step by step checklist

You're organic traffic has dropped. Goodbye good times and hello to immediate stress. What is going on. Why did this happen?

June 16, 201812 Min Read
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Differences between Fetch and Render, Googlebot and the Mobile friendly test

Are there any differences between how fetch & render, the mobile testing tool and Googlebot render things?

June 11, 201818 Min Read
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How to audit content and structured data for the mobile first index

Even in 2020 you'll occasionally run into a website with separate mobile and desktop sites. Here we talk through a process to audit them quickly using a jupyter notebook.

November 30, 20175 Min Read
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