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If you work in the digital world, there's a good chance being better with data will help you.

How to get un-sampled Google Analytics data with python (& without)

A guide on how to get un-sampled data out of Google analytics with python (and without). We'll also go through the basics of how sampling works.

June 30, 20198 Min Read
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How to install a python library?

A basic step by step tutorial on how to install a python library. Nothing fancy here.

June 30, 20193 Min Read
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What is a jupyter notebook and how do I use it?

A guide on how to use the basics of Jupyter notebook. What is it, how can you use it and why do I mention it all the time?

June 30, 20195 Min Read
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How to get Excel in regex?

A step by step guide to getting regex in Excel. What else could you possibly want.

January 29, 20195 Min Read
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How (& why) to use Python for basic data analysis instead of Excel

Jupyter Notebooks (and python) are a fantastic place to analyse data. If you spend a lot of your time analysing data in Excel or Google sheets, you should absolutely consider learning how to use them. This post is a tutorial on getting started.

April 03, 20182 Min Read
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How to set up Python for Marketers

We're going to learn how to set-up python, step by step for Windows or Mac.

November 30, 20174 Min Read
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